Can I use an International Domain with this service and can you register it for me?

I can get 'unlimited' bandwidth and storage at other web hosts. Why don't you offer it?

How will I control my account once I register and purchase a hosting plan from you?

What is a 'Virtual Domain' and will people think I'm being cheap and  unprofessional if I use one?

Can I talk to someone on the phone about setting up and/or paying for my  account?

How long will it take to get access to my account/web site after I sign up for hosting with you?


Q. What's the minimum contract?  1 month

Q. Do I have 24 hour access to my  account? Yes

Q. What's the charge for upgrading?  None, other than the cost of the new plan.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?  Yes, 14 days.

Q. Access to POP3 email? Use Outlook, Eudora, Netscape. No IMAP.

Q. Do I have to buy an SSL Certificate? https:, yes. We can arrange this for you.

Q. Is my data secure?  Yes, we do daily and weekly backups. The NOC is a high security  zone.

Q. What database can I use?  MySQL. It's easy. Get more info here.

Q. Do you support ASP or Cold Fusion?  No.

Q. Are the servers crowded?  No. We do not allow available resources to be driven beyond max. 50% capacity.

Q. Can I send bulk mail (SPAM)?  No.Suicide!!

Q. Can I sell space/sub domains? Nope.

Q. Do you allow adult/porno content? Yes, but it must be legal. Please read Adult FAQ for more information.

Q. What about 'warez'? Police, FBI, CIA, Secret Service etc. We don't tolerate it at all.

Q. Can I park domains? Yes. On your IP address or ours. No Charge.

Q. What's your favourite colour? E-mail us for more info.

Q. What can I do with my site? Read 'Acceptable Use' policy & TOS.


Q. Can I use an International Domain with this service and  can you register it for me?

A. YES, we are an International Web Presence Provider and welcome domains  and sites from all over the World. We can arrange the registration of .com, .net & .org for you very quickly (and cheaply!) and we also support the registration of Swiss .ch and .li domains through the very nice people at SWITCH (

We will provide assistance with the registration or  transfer of all other country Top Level Domains (TLD's) but each country and  domain has different requirements, which in most cases involve you directly as the owner of the domain. E-mail us at for help. We do not charge for transferring your domain but you are responsible for all NIC  registration fees.

If you need to provide Name Server details for your  chosen NIC, then use the following, BUT LET US KNOW SO WE CAN SET UP OUR SYSTEM. Many domain registrar's and NIC's will require that your details are in our database before the domain can become live.


EcommerceDiscovery - CURRENT Name  Servers



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Q. I can get 'unlimited' bandwidth and storage at other  web hosts. Why don't you offer it?

A. Well now, UNLIMITED anything is physically impossible. Everyone has to  pay for data transfer, from the top down. We do. Hard drives have a finite amount of storage space.

But briefly, you'll no doubt find that any host who offers 'unlimited' bandwidth or storage space has a clause in their Terms of Service which grants them the  ability to decide what the finite levels of 'unlimited' are.

Don't worry too much about this, we give you adequate data transfer and storage capacity for your site and if you need more  we're only an e-mail away from helping you.

We just like to make it crystal clear what you're  getting up front. (....and you might find that 'unlimited' from some hosting  companies is less than what we offer you!)

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Q. How will I control my account once I register and purchase a hosting plan from you?

A.You will receive an e-mail from us upon successful completion of the  transaction with details of how to access your CPanel3/4 Site Management Control Panel.

The CPanel has all the information you'll need including; billing information; e-mail manager for your POP3 mailboxes; available disk space; bandwidth usage; password control and much more. If you  can't do it from there then e-mail us -

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Q. What is a 'Virtual Domain' and will people think I'm  being cheap and unprofessional if I use one?

A. Cheap and unprofessional ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, choosing to host your  'Virtual Domain' with us will probably make you more professional than if you set up your own Servers and IP address at home or in the office, unless you're a  professional IT person of course.

You'll have your own unique internet address with  your own domain eg and e-mail to go  with it. You have the added advantage of being on one of the world's best  Internet connections and your files are served to the web by the very best quality hardware and software available. This would be extremely expensive if you chose to set up a similar system on your own. 'Virtual' is the way.

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Q. Can I talk to someone on the phone about setting up and  paying for my account?

A. Yes, if you don't mind the long distance or overseas phone charges. If  you desperately, urgently need to talk to us by phone, you'll find our number on the contact page here. Our system is  mostly automated and communication by e-mail will get you results just as quickly and much cheaper!

We monitor everything round the clock so we're never far away if you need something, we just don't have the personnel to man a 24 hour telephone service for all our International clients in every different time zone.

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Q. How long will it take to get access to my account/web  site after I sign up for hosting with you?

A. Generally it will take no more than 24 hours, depending on network  traffic, for you to be up and running. We will issue you with your unique static  IP address, which is a number like, for example, or details for  your FTP program which you can use to upload files or access your site while waiting for your domain name to become available. This takes usually between 24  and 48 hours (or longer for some International registries). We have no control over this.

Your Control Panel will be available straight away so you can start configuring your site details, e-mail etc and familiarising  yourself with our system.

Most of our customers are uploading files within the hour after the finished transaction.

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The following questions are amongst the most commonly  asked by people who are considering hosting with us or have just commenced hosting with us. We also anticipated some questions you might have

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